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You Have a Ton of Copy. Should You Use a Serif or Sans Serif Font?

Do you have a new marketing campaign with a ton of copy you need to choose a font for? Choosing the right font is a quick step you don’t want to miss, as it will help your readers stay with you. A great place to start is to select either a SERIF or a SANS SERIF font.

Let’s say you have a printed newsletter you are working on with a large amount of copy. Generally speaking, a serif font will be a better choice for you. The ‘serifs’ give your reader’s eye the visual anchors needed to ‘hang on’ to the letter forms when reading a printed page with a ton of copy.

Sans serif fonts on the other hand do not have serifs. They are a better choice for large amounts of online text, as well as any areas where smaller font sizes are needed (printed or online). It turns out that those same serifs that were great on a printed page are not so great on a glowing screen.

Check out our handy chart below. You can easily copy to your desktop for future reference. Do you have a graphic design question for us? Just ‘ASK US’! It’s super easy with the handy form located just to the right on your screen. We look forward to hearing from you.


White Dog Design is an award winning Graphic Design and Communication Design studio located in St. Petersburg Florida.


Our 5 Favorite Free Sans Serif Font Families for Spring/Summer 2016

Having the perfect, well designed typeface is essential for any project. With so many free typefaces out there, how do you figure out where to start?

Start here. We have curated Our 5 Favorite Free Sans Serif Font Familes for Spring/Summer 2016 with links  save you the time and hassle of having to figure it out. And they are…

  1. Source Sans Pro created by Paul D. Hunt:  12 Styles
  2. Roboto created by Christian Robertson: 18 Styles
  3. Lato created by Łukasz Dziedzic: 18 Styles
  4. Alegreya Sans created by Juan Pablo del Peral: 20 Styles
  5. Work Sans created by Wei Huang: 10 Styles

What we love about each of these font families is the range of styles available. Font family ‘styles’ are the variations in the thickness and stroke, such as bold, light, thin, italic, roman. These styles provide flexibility to any communication needs you may have. Check out an example of Source Sans Pro below. It was created by Paul D. Hunt over at Adobe and is available in 12 styles. QUICK TIP: When searching for a font family look for at least six styles, its a good sign that it will adapt to any hierarchical needs you may have.

Look out for our next post in 2 weeks on Our 5 Favorite Serif Font Familes for Spring/Summer 2016.

White Dog Design is an award winning Graphic Design and Communication Design studio located in St. Petersburg Florida.